Preserving Medicaid Benefits by Preventing QIT Mistakes

Ohio’s Qualified Income Trust requirements are very detailed and very tricky.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid seems to have designed the rules for Qualified Income Trusts (aka QITs or Miller Trusts) to make it easy for people to make mistakes.  When Ohio Medicaid finds a mistake, the person may lose Medicaid coverage for long term care, and the person’s care provider (nursing home, assisted living facility, or home care company) could lose income.

Miller Trust Services Company, LLC (MTSCO) will help people in Ohio who must have Qualified Income Trusts  maintain eligibility for Medicaid coverage.  MTSCO can administer the income flow and the Qualified Income Trusts to maintain compliance with the requirements.

MTSCO will preserve Medicaid benefits and protect care providers’ cash flow by